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CAD’s DG introduces SmartMe

          Mr. Opart Thongyonk, Director-General of the Cooperative Auditing Department (CAD) says that for the New Year Greetings’ Season 2018, CAD would like to introduce people to use SmartMe programme which is an application for calculating an income – expense account in household as well as an occupational capital account. This programme is easy and can be used anytime and anywhere via Smart Phone (both IOS and Android systems). Users will know themselves and be able to plan for effective money spending. CAD has developed this innovation to suit people’s behaviour nowadays; they use technologies in daily life. Besides, not only farmers and cooperatives who apply this programme, but also service receivers and general people will be strong. This innovation will enhance efficiency in managing cooperatives and agricultural institutes.



          "This coming year, CAD will provide services by introducing and coaching how to set up and use the SmartMe Application. Those interested can contact us at Service Centres of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in provinces. Being aroused to make accounts, know themselves, know incomes and expenses and know how to make a financial plan, they will create immunity to themselves and turn their careers to be stable. It is an opportunity to top up to sustainable development bringing a better quality of life. So, I would like to invite you all to download SmartMe programme as a new year present. Collecting money avoids poverty, saving money avoids debts and making accounts will bring you riches. This programme will help you make an occupational capital account and a household account.”, says CAD’s Director General
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