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          On the 7th of December, 2017, Miss Vipa Charoensirisunthorn, Deputy Director General of the Cooperative Auditing Department (CAD) chairs the reception of the 2 representatives from Deutscher Genossenschafts – und Raiffeisenverband e.V. (DGRV), Hanoi Office, Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The purposes of the visit paid by Mr.Helmut Pabst, Project Director (DGRV Project Vietnam) and his Deputy, Mr.Christian Staacke are to discuss development of cooperative in Thailand and technical cooperation in the fiscal year 2018. DGRV is a renowned independent organization in Germany. CAD has started collaboration with DGRV which is famous for "Audit Work” since 2008 until now. Many aspects of knowledge transferred from DGRV are such as Internal Control, Risk Management, Audit Procedure, Audit Report and Early Warning, etc. Step by step, CAD has adjusted and developed these areas of knowledge since then. As for the fiscal year 2018, CAD needs to obtain the knowledge to be provided by DGRV instructor who will be available in March or April 2018. CAD aims to arrange the course called "Crisis Control System” which is regarded beneficial. Furthermore, DGRV will invite an expert on IT Audit to help set up CAD IT Programme that suits Thailand well.

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